Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Benetint trio Review

I bought this trio from Sephora about a week ago, So far I have tried all three products and liked the highbeam first, benetint second and Posietint third, this is because the high beam to me is a beautiful luminescent pale pink/whitish/silver color, and is perfect to highlight cheekbones, brow bones and bridge of nose, It is very very sheer so you are not suppose to see it completely because a highlight is basically to give your face a dewy look, somewhat of a candle lit glow- Very sexy and healthy looking 
The benetint is my next fav of the trio because it gives a very light tint to lips and cheeks, somewhat of a flushed face color, kinda like-when you go running or work out and your cheeks get a little flushed red, like that, it's very subtle and cute- and has an sweet pleasant smell because it smells just like fresh roses, however I didn't find this product stayed on very long and found it to wear off even faster than my Color Sensational lip stain by Maybelline (5.50 at Walmart) so that was def a duzzie in my book : (
but it's still a good product for someone who likes to go with the natural look, whether it be on a regular or just when you work out or run errands : )
Now the Posie tint was my least fav because I could barely see it on, I found myself adding more and more just to get a pink hue, which is not something I care to do every hour or so, however the color pink is lovely but maybe for someone a little more fair skinned, I am a medium olive skin tone and could not really see this on my cheeks and barely on my lips also : /
Okay so a run through:

Only 15.00 dollars (reg 28.00 for full size)
Nice rose smell to bene tint
Gives you a nice natural looking flush
Beautiful luminescent look to high beam

Small portions
Posie tint is very light and faint
Didn't last too long- I reapplied about twice

I'm gonna rate this one
4 1/2 hearts It's a great product an I would def buy Highbeam an bene tint again, but not posie tint because it was just too light for my liking : /

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