Monday, March 7, 2011

Lush Eyelashes by Revlon Review

Hmm what can I say about these lashes besides the fact that they are freakin Awesome- I love them more than all my other falsies because they are the easiest to apply and the most realistic looking- and at only 4.75 for the set they are WELL worth the price <3 You know when you find a product or item that you love so much you just want to by it in multiples to make sure you have extras just in case they run out or discontinue the product? Well that's exactly the way I feel about these babies! LOL I love them so much- They come in 4 small pieces that can go anywhere on the upper lash line no need for trying to find the shortest to longest hairs, there are 4 pieces for each eye, which to me makes it a whole lot easier to apply then trying to get an entire eyelash row to go on from inner corner of the eye to the outer corners of the eye without lifting and sticking in the wrong places (And we all know what a pain that can be) I sometimes only put two small rows on the end of my outer lash line just to accentuate a winged eye or a Smokey eye. These are super easy to apply and because the lashes are different lengths and very wispy at the ends they do an awesome job at blending in with your natural lashes, making it really difficult for other ppl to distinguish whether or not you are even wearing fake lashes> or if your natural lashes are just that Lush!! (great name) :D

an Here is a pic of me wearing only 2 out of the 4 lashes rows (there are 8 small lash rows all together)

I must give these 5 hearts because they are my favorite! LOL

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