Monday, March 7, 2011

Urban Decay Sustainable Palette Review

 I got this palette yesterday and so far have done 2 looks with it (although you can really do many many more looks with it) I chose to do a Sparkley golden brown eye and for later on in the day turned that into a dark black and Silverish  warm eye. 
 The case is wooden and features what looks like burned wood art of a butterfly, flowers, bamboo, and some other kinda cool jazz 
: ) This Palette was 36$ at Sephora

The front cover slides open either up or down and seems pretty sturdy- But the best part is what's inside this beautiful box : DDD

YDK:   medium silky shimmery golden copper  brown

 FLIPSIDE: blue-green  (more blue than green) shimmer -Beautiful

 GRIFTER: Lilac pink shimmer with smaller chunks of sliver glitter

 UZI: White-ish silver shimmer with lots and lots of chunky sliver glitter 

TWICE BAKED: Tiny bit lighter than Milk chocolate and is a shimmery brown with a tiny copper-ish specs of glitter 

MIDNIGHT COWBOY RIDES AGAIN: Is a champaign gold with Super big chunks of sliver glitter 
FLASH: Is my all time fav in this palette because of it's super shimmer and beautiful light reflecting purple orgasm

OIL SLICK: Black on steroids with small silver glitter specs 

KIDDIE POOL: Velvety blue shimmer with tiny sliver, green and blue glitter

 HALF BAKED: Bronze/gold shimmer that can compliment almost every skin color <3
>This Palette also includes a trial size eye primer and a UD brush but the brush is def more for patting on these bold colors and not at all for blending over the eye : )

For my Sparkley golden brown eye I used: YDK, Midnight Cowboy Rides again, Half Baked, Twice Backed and oil slick along with Revlons False eyelashes in Lush <3 (My Absolute Fav)

And for my Dark Grey, Black and Silverish  warm eye I used all the colors above I just added more Oil Slick to the crease and under the eye and added some UZI to the middle lid and in the corners of inner eye.

I would def recommend this palette to anyone who enjoys bold bright, shimmery or glittery eye shadows- This palette is a party in a box and will have you looking super fabulous for any night out- or day as long as you apply sparingly LOL

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