Monday, May 23, 2011

Ruffled ♥ flower Headband Crafts Tutorial

What You'll Need:

1. Hot glue gun
2. Something circular to trace circles with- I used a kids plastic tumbler cup
3. Elastic band .99 at Walmart
4. Needle an thread- I used a sewing machine after while cause... well....I am just ridiculously impatient LOL
5. Felt fabric for backing
6. Fabric Scissors- I also used pinking shears so my fabric would fringe.
7. Fabric- your choice of color, I chose two different styles but you can choose just one if you like about a quarter of a yard

Let's Begin

Start by using the the big side of the plastic cup to trace 6 circles and then cut them out, then use the small side of the cup to make 7 circles (I did half an half with each fabric, so basically 3 Big circles out of one style fabric and 3 out of the other style fabric and then 4 small circles with one fabric an 3 small circles with the other fabric)

Cut the circle down the middle but just to the center shown in pic #1 then start folding over end shown in pic #2 the flip over and fold back the other way shown in pic #3 and continue doing this till your circle looks like a fan shown in pic #4- 

Then you will sew the tip of the fan to hold the petal in place 

Now you will take your felt and trace using the small side of your cup, then cut the circle out an then you can began the placement of your petals >Make sure your glue gun is all warmed up<

You will glue 3 big petals on one side of the circle and the remaining 3 big petals on the other side of the circle (try to place them close together- this will get the best end result) :)
Next you will take 5 of the small petals and do the same as above then you will place the remaining 2 petals in the center of the flower.

Now your flower is complete :) 

For the headband part- you will take your elastic band, measure it to your head making sure to have it fit just a little snug so that it will stay in place, Cut it and sew the ends together.

For the last step you will take a piece of felt and fit it to the back of your flower then using your hot glue gun you will glue the band (sewn part between the two pieces of felt)Glue and hold tight in place.

-Wait till the glue is completely dry and then you are done :)

♥ Shine on Glammies, I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial, have fun making pretty summer accessories much love xOxO 

Comments an feed back is always greatly appreciate :)


Persnickety Hall said...

That is adorable!

Chelly said...

Thank you sweetie :) I'm glad u like it :D

Segments of Life said...

wow...soo pretty! and what must feel better is going around wearing something you literally made. "oh that's pretty. where'd you buy it?" "oh I didn't...I MADE it" haha

Chelly said...

HAHAHA Ya know!! lol Thank you girl It's the little things in life that make me smile lol- I love handmade stuff cause u know there's not gonna be another one just like em' around the corner lol TY for commenting ladies :)