Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ammo Eye Palette By Urban Decay Review

Pretty Black matte case with Metallic purple designs of flowers, Koi fish, skulls and hearts Oh and a Velvet Revolver- Yup! it doesn't get much cooler than that : ) Oh wait it does...There is also a mirror inside! 

Hmm what to say about this lovely Palette besides that it's great! I love all the sparkley Colors (although glitter on the face can be a pain at times) but the colors are amazing and you def can get more than just a few looks outta this one, with colors like:
  • Smog- Coppery brown with the least amount of sparkle but an all around beautiful color
  • Mildew- An awesome satiny Green that blends well with Shattered
  • Oil Slick- A sparkley black with silver glitter
  • Last Call-  A burgundy Pink that almost has a slight purplish hue
  • Chopper- Light brownish gold with tiny gold sparkles
  • Maui Wowie- Gold with big chunks of gold glitter- Very disco Diva : )
  • Shattered- A beautiful Blue color with a hint of green pigmentation and is slightly iridescent : )
  • Polyester Bride- Kinda Ivory with gold glitter specs- I def love this color as a base with it's beautiful sparkle
  • Grifter- A darker shade of Lavender with a hint of pink flava also with silver specs : )
  • Sin- Silky shimmery velvety beige Also has the least amount of glitter just shimmer and would work  very well as a base also.
Now just try an take your pic outta all these Fab colors! It's almost impossible! I mean I have never went wrong with any Urban decay's shadows and they def didn't disappoint this time around either : D and at 34 $ for 10 shades- I def think it's well worth it-  and Because they are so pigmented you don't need to use much, so you will surely be getting  your moneys worth with this palette  : D

This one get's 5 hearts and a ribbon from Chelli Love it!

Here is a look I did using the palette colors alone- I should mention that I used wet and Wild's Idol eye's Cream Shadow Pencil in Techno as a cream base to hold more color  : D

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fav Lip Color Ever!

Fav Lip Color Ever!
Sephora's R15 It's a matte lip color that packs a lot of moisture, It's a pinkish rose color but really goes with everything, I love this color with dark hair, I use it with my Neutral shadows, Smokey eye's or when I'm wearing bold eye colors like greens, purples or blues, It's a real go to color that I just can't get enough of- Def try it out if you love Matte lipstick as much as I do ♥
Might I add- If I were a lipstick, this would be the one I would Marry ♥ LOL