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Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow Box: Candy Land's Rainbow Eye Tutorial

Products I used

 1. Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow Box (38.00)at Sephora
2. Ardell Lashes in #106 (3.50)
3. Physicians Formula 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner + Serum in Black (10.00)
4. Sephora's Flashy Waterproof Liner in 08 Flashy Blue (8.00)
5. Sonia Kashuk Eye Smudge in Blackest (5.99)
6. Sephora's Nano Liner in 09 Pearl Beige (5.00)
7. Maybelline Lash Stiletto Mascara in Very Black (5.00) 
8.NYC- Sparkle Eye dust in Opal Sparkle (3.50) at Target

The Tools

1. Sigma-Blending- E25
2. Sigma-Tapered Blending- E40
3. Sigma-Small Tapered Blending- E45
4. Urban Decay-Shadow Brush- Rounded Edge Flat Brush
(came with Naked Palette) 

<Not Photoed>
Eye Primer and Flesh colored Eye shadow
I used Urban Decay's Primer Potion, then NYX Jumbo cream pencil in milk, and Maybelline Eye Shadow in Earthly Taupe

Urban Decay 
Deluxe Shadow Box Colors

Step1 Cover entire eye area with Eye primer, then used NYX jumbo eye pencil in Milk over the lid area.

Step2 Take your Flat brush and pat over the center of your eye lid with Peace from UD Deluxe Shadow Box Palette

Step3 Take your E45 Small tapered Blending brush and go over inner corner area of upper eye lid with the color Graffiti from UD Deluxe Shadow Box Palette slightly blending into Peace shadow -try not to go all the way into the inner corner of eye because another color will go there later-

Step4 Take your E25 brush and the color Ranson from UD Deluxe Shadow Box Palette and slightly blend over Peace just breaking up the lines a little, then go out and up under and into the crease area and follow up an over to Graffiti (pic shown Below)

Step5 Take E25 brush and the color Fishnet from UD Deluxe Shadow Box Palette and blend just over the ends of Ranson, this will add just enough color to make those eye's really stand out :)

Step6 Take your flat brush and the color Honey from UD Deluxe Shadow Box Palette and pat it into the inner corner of eye- then down and around tear duct area an back up over inner lid area and stop just before you hit the brow bone(shown below)

Step7 Using your E40 tapered Blending brush and NYC Sparkle eye dust in Opal Sparkle (tap off any excess) and with a wind shield wiper motion go over the entire brow bone area- BE CAREFUL not to go over your colors too much- you don't want them disappearing. 
-When you are done take your flat brush and pat the same color Opal Sparkle over the brow bone area to really brighten up those eye's an pull out all those bright bold colors :)

Step8 Using Sephora's Nano eye pencil in 09 Pearl Beige go around and under tear duct area to the lower center of eye- Then take your flat brush and the color Honey again from UD Deluxe Shadow Box Palette and pat over the Pearl Beige liner with it (this will help the color to really stand out and also extend the life of the liner helping it to stay put all day long)

Step9 Using Sephora's Flashy Waterproof eye liner in 08 Flashy Blue go over the bottom eye area stopping right before your tear duct area- this will help blend the two liner colors together

Step10 Using Black liquid Eye Liner I used the Physicians Formula 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner in Black- go over the upper lash line slightly winging out at the ends (use the end of your eye brow as a guide line for where the wing should aim) You will also line the inner water line area with a black pencil liner, I used Sonia Kashuk's Eye Smudge Liner in Blackest

Step11 Curl Lashes, an Add Mascara- I used Maybelline's Lash Stiletto Mascara in Very Black and then added my falsies By Ardell in #106 as close to lash line as possible, Tip: Wait at least 15 secs for the glue to get nice and tacky before applying false eye lashes, this will help to prevent a messy glued up lid)

and that completes the 
°o.O °o.Candy Land's Rainbow Eye°o.O °o. 


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