Thursday, April 21, 2011

♥ Super Easy Cool Nail Design

I did this design yesterday and loved how easy it was to do yet  looked incredibly trendy an funky that I wanted to share it with you all, an give you the super quick How to instructions(even though it's pretty self explanatory by just looking at the pic LOL) So here's the quick 1-2- and 3 :)

I used 2 polishes, well 3 if you wanna include the top coat- but it's clear so we won't really talk about that :) 
First I used Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear in White On (1.99) from Walmart and then L.A Colors Art Deco in Black (1.00) from Dollar tree- If you would like to add a clear base coat on first feel free-
And here are the super simple steps:

After this I added a clear top coat to help maintain the durability an life of the polish (optional)
I hope you all like this super simple, yet So Cool an fun design as much as I do... 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rihanna Makeup Tutorial using Urban Decay's Ammo Palette

So after doing this tutorial and then doing a side by side of Rihanna an me, it made me realize how much longer my face is then hers, how much wider her nose is then mine and how much bigger my eye's and lips are then hers LOL- I was seriously tripping out on it haha- but anyways LOL- On another note, I love this look- It is super sexy, but also super fun Bright and bold- It's So Rock-Diva!!!

The Products 

1. Urban Decay Naked Palette
2. Maybelline Lash Stiletto Mascara
3. Urban Decay Primer potion
4. Maybelline eye shadow in Earthly taupe (or any flesh colored shadow's okay)
5. Physician's Formula Eye Booster and Liner in Black
6. Mac paint pot in Blackground
7. Covergirl Lipstick in 365 Enchantress
8. Sephora Rouge lipstick in R10

The Tools 

1. Mac 217
2. Sigma eyeliner E05 brush
3. Sigma E45 Small tapered blending brush
4. Sigma E40 Tapered blending brush
5. Small flat brush

The Steps 
Step1 Always start with a primed eye- I used Urban Decay's Primer potion an applied it to my entire eye lid an brow bone area including the area under your eye- because you'll be applying color there also, then wait a few minutes for the primer to dry a bit- then with your fluffy brush add an eye shadow that is close to your skin color (this will help to blend the colors more easily)I used Earthly Taupe by Maybelline

Step2 Take your small flat brush #5 in the pic above and the color Virgin from The Naked palette and add that just to your inner arch area- =Location shown below=
above blue dots

Step3 Using your your fluffy brush/Tapered blending brush like the one shown above #4 and the color Buck from The Naked Palette swipe this over your crease and lid area an stopping just before your brow bone.

Step4 Using your E45 Small tapered blending brush take the color Smog from The Naked Palette an add it just to your crease area- Then take your fluffy brush/ E40 Tapered Blending brush #4 and soften up an harsh lines swiping back an forth in a windshield wiper motion or with small circular motions just over the crease area-

Step5 Take your Mac 217 brush and the color Half Baked from The Naked Palette and add this just over your crease area- this is where you will get that super light gold color over the light brown look- Now blend just enough so that there are no blotchy areas or harsh lines- Now take your small flat brush #5 and the color Virgin and add this just over the top of your lash line- 
*See picture shown below for example

Step6 Using your black liquid liner pen- I used Physician's Formula eye booster 2 in one eye liner- 

♥ Double Cat eye Step by Step 
Use picture below for reference 
=Starting from the lower corner of your eye, start your wing- 
It helps to use the tip of your eye brow as a guideline to where your point should be aiming- 
=Draw a straight line up an then stop- then from your lash line from the middle of your pupil area connect this to the tip of your wing line.
=Now line the upper lash line and make your inner eye wing- this one you will want to curve slightly downward.
= Make your bottom outer wing the same way as your top wing but the bottom wing will be slightly shorter than the top wing.
=Then line under the lash line area
=An Fill it all in with your eyeliner E05 brush #2- and Mac's Paint pot in Blackground

Step7 Curl your lashes, and add mascara- I used Maybelline's Lash Stiletto Mascara in Very Black, then I took Revlon's false lashes in Lush and added them JUST to the outer most corners of my top lash line- about 3 pieces on each side (they come with 8 pieces all together)

And here is the finished look of the eye's 

Now for the Lipstick I used 2 different one's to get this bright bold pink color- First I used Sephora's Rouge lipstick in R10 just lightly- Don't over do it, this color was used just to darken the overall color and add a hint of red underneath
Then I used Covergirl's Lipstick in 365 Enchantress, on the rest of my lips- both the top an bottom- This is where that super pink color comes from :)

Remember: She is very bronzed and has a vary beautiful color skin- So for this look I used Rimmel's Shimmering Maxi bronzer in 003 Sun Queen just on my inner cheek area and slightly over the top of my forehead down to my temples.

And were all done!!-I hope you have as much fun doing this look as I did- It's super Hott and I def will be doing this look again :D

Voila!I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial :) Please Comment or feel free to ask any questions you might have, I always respond back  Thank you and Have a Beautiful Day Glammies