Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Super Speedy Almost Natural Summer Look

So I know if your like most of the human race you probably hate doing your make up in full combat mode during the summer right?! LOL Cause most the time it just feels as though the war paints melting off and you start feeling super miserable, and stuffy. 
Well I'd like to share with you one of my super speedy summer routines that will have your face protected with moisturizer with spf 30 which is light on the face but also very complimenting to the complexion an features an just looks sexy yet semi-natural okay let's check out the supplies>>


1. Self made tinted moisturizer for face- (will post recipe soon for those that are interested) but you can use any tinted moisturizer you like or prefer :)
2. Maybelline Lash stiletto in black (I love this one cause it makes the lashes look fluffy and wispy without looking like tarantula legs) LOL
3. High Bean by Benefit but any liquid/cream highlighter will work. (I got the bene tint and the benefit as a 3 in one trial deal- they're regularly about 22-24 bucks each but for the trial size their selling at Sephora for 15$ for all three- such a fantastic deal)
4. Bene Tint by benefit> Rose colored lip an cheek stain
5. Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide on Pencil in Stray Dog is a light frost brown- It gives the eyes a beautiful seductive look hehe ;)
6. Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide on Pencil in Perversion is a black

All optional

1. Mac paint pot in Soft Ochre or any eye primer will do> Urban Decay's Primer potion will probably work better because the paint pots tend to crease after wearing in a hot environment for long hours..
2. Physician's Formula 2 in 1 lash booster eye liner serum in black or brown (this I use for brows)but if you already have thick or full brows you probably don't need this- I use this because I have bald spots on my brows haha
3.Loreal True Match foundation in cappuccino (you can use whatever foundation you have that is about 3-4 times darker than your skin color) I used this as a bronzer for the cheeks and it has spf 17 also
4. Smudge brush- this one is a Sonia Kashuk smudge brush and I must say I absolutely LOVE it and for only 5.75 it's sooo worth it :) 

Now here are the quick an easy steps>>

Step 1) Apply tinted moisturizer to clean dry skin (you can add darker foundation to inner cheek area and around hair line if desired- blend well in circular motion! This will give a very healthy appearance to the skin)

You can see how the moisturizer adds just a slight tanned effect and helps to eliminate some of the spots an dots LOL :)

Step 2) Take your Physician's Formula 2 in 1 lash booster eye liner and with small light strokes fill in any missing or light  hair areas- I like this pen because it gives a very natural look to the brows which is what were going for with this summer beauty look :)  

Step 3) Mac's paint pot in Soft Ochre or Eye primer over lid and under bottom of eye area 

Step 4) Apply Stray dog around outer eye rim of eye (shown below) then smudge the tips using the smudge brush or a sponge tip applicator

Step 5) Take Urban Decays eye liner in Perversion and line inner water line both up and lower line (shown Below)

Step 6) Curl lashes an add mascara- I used Maybelline's Stiletto Mascara in Black because I love the way this mascara makes the lashes look nice an fluffy without looking cakey- I applied just 1 coat

Step 7) Add bene Tint to apples of cheeks smoothing out in a circular motion with middle finger then and to lips, you can add gloss or chap stick over that if you wish

Step 8) Add High Beam by Benefit to brow bone, cheek bone area an down bridge of nose (shown below- apply to both sides of face)

After this you are done- Though you may apply translucent powder if you wish but I just like to keep it nice an dewy looking, it helps go with the flow of summer and also gives a nice moisturized look to the skin :)

And your all set :) I can do this look in less than 10 mins,an the crazy thing is I get many compliments on my skin and lips when I wear this look as apposed to heavy makeup?? huh...go figure lol - I guess some ppl dig thee old al naturale LOL :DDD

Well I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial> Feed back is Greatly appreciated- an I hope all you lovely ladies are having a wonderful day, keep on smiling- You look beautiful Glammies :)