Friday, January 20, 2012

Ulta Nail Polish/Lacquer in Lime Light

I bought this polish from Ulta on a current sale they were having for buy 2 get 2 free- which is Awesome, So basically you get 4 polishes for 12 bucks- Not bad right :) Anyways the polish itself is a cute green color that goes on a little more on the sheer side, making this polish appear jelly like lol I know that sounds funny but it really does, I even had a few friends comment on how they want to bite my fingers LOL- (Yes were weirdos haha) 
The polish itself has held up for 2 days now without any cracks or chips, there's the tiniest rub off on the very tips of the nails but nothing noticeable or dramatic for a polish to do after 2 days and with as much as I use my hands, this stuff is pretty good- I'm loving the polish, I Love the color it's really great for spring or summer and I really love the price :D My advice- Go for it! 

Please feel free to comment :) I love hearing from you- I hope your all having a Wonderful Friday- Stay sexy an sweet <3

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mac Mineralize Satinfinish SPF 15 Foundation Review

After trying so many different foundations, from creams to liquids to tinted moisturizers etc. I decided to finally give MAC foundation a try- an the reason I say "finally" is because the price alone was enough to scare me away- making me run to the nearest drugstore with all the confidence that no matter what brand I bought I would be saving a buncha cash because no drug store brand makeup is usually even half the price of Mac's foundation lol An well at 30.00 a pop who could blame a woman for not wanting to fork out the dough on something that doesn't usually last you more than a month right- Any who, I finally decided to give it a try an went with MAC's Mineralize Satinfinsh foundation.
> after 24 hrs of wear, here is my review :)

- The foundation comes in a 1.0 oz thick glass bottle with a small pump which dispenses the foundation perfectly- Not too much yet not too little.
- The nozzle can be turned to the right if you want to lock the pump- This I love <3
-The makeup has SPF 15 which of course is always a bonus (gotta stay sexy as long as you can right;)
- The foundation itself is lightweight coverage foundation that has a hint of sparkle- Now when I say sparkle I'm not talking Robert Patterson on Twilight LOL I mean tiny little sparkles that can barely be seen in the light, Now what these tiny sparkles do, is they give off a slight glow to the skin making the skin appear, healthier, dewy an more vibrant= Awesomeness right! :D

Okay- I myself have combination skin, I have dry cheeks with a slightly oily T-zone. Now I read some other reviews an some people are not too fond of the texture this foundation gives for people with oily skin, however I myself didn't have a problem with the foundation. I loved the way it evened out my skin tone an left my face looking healthier, and dewy, but I can see where a person with very oily skin might find this product to be greasy- But for me that wasn't the case- I love it :D

I also read that after while some people found this product to turn orangey- now i'm not quite sure where people got the orange hue from but I can assure you that I didn't find anything wrong with the NC30- it looked lovely an blended beautifully with my skin tone (oh btw I used a stippling brush to apply the foundation evenly)

-Tip: If you are looking for a foundation that offers full coverage, you won't find it in this product- This product is more of a sheer to light/medium coverage an does not cover scars, freckles, etc. but it does even out the skin tone beautifully and lighten the freckles slightly, this product is great for everyday wear, and helps to enhance the skins natural beauty.

Here is a photo with and without the Mineralize foundation on- you can see how the foundation warms up my skin a bit, and how it helps to even out the skin tone without making the skin appear heavy or cakey

Now I have to rate this product 4 hearts, 1 heart short of perfect due to the 30.00 price tag otherwise- Looooves it! :D 

Please feel free to comment and give your feedback on what you thought of the MAC mineralze SPF 15 Foundation, I would LOVE to hear from you :) Thank you Glammies an Have a Fantastic weekend <3 Muah!