Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Watch me whip Day 2 burning fat

So I started this low carb meal plan yesterday. The plan is to do 3 days low carb one day regular carbs and then again another 3 days low carb and so on and so forth. Yesterday was pretty successful...well..aside from the fact that I was having bad cravings around 11pm so I decided to eat a quesadilla. Which was still considered low carb but not something I plan on eating regularly. I have to go grocery shopping today to grab some low carb snacks otherwise this diet will perish lol but a side from that, I'm feeling great. I went to the doctors on Monday and found out that I gained 7 pounds which always feels awesome when you're triying to lose weight. Any who, I'm going to visit family in California on July 20th so that aside from not having much self confidence is my ultimate motivation for paintmyself even harder.  I've lost a total of 85 pounds already and gained about 10 pounds of that back which again, is awesome lol but I am addicted to wait training so a lot of it is muscle at the same time I still have a lot of fat that needs to be burned to the ground lol I am not new to working out. I know a lot about fitness, diet, clean eating and weight training.  I should be a damn personal trainer which doesn't explain (aside from bad eating habits) that I'm not losing anything as of recently. Anyways I'm going to stay positive and keep moving forward will post pictures soon.
A little side note. I am bipolar in my doctor is constantly trying to put me on new medications and sometimes these medications affect your weight. And cause fatigue. The weight gain usually comes from the constant hunger feeling associated with these medications. Which is one of the reasons why my weight always seems to go up and down I started a new medication on Monday and so far I have noticed an appetite increase but I'm trying not to play a victim to it. Though my energy levels still feel the same..... so we'll see if that changes XO