Sunday, April 3, 2011

Urban Decay Naked Palette Review and Tutorial

Yayyyy so I finally got the Urban Decay Naked Palette- yes after what seemed like 20 years hahaha but lemme tell you I am def not disappointed, I'm lovin all the shades in this palette and as of recently I've discovered a few favs Dark Horse, Gun Metal, Naked, Buck and Side Car I'll give my thoughts on the colors below :)

Virgin- is a satin creamy Beige color
Sin- is a shimmery light beige with a slight pinkish hue (also in Ammo Palette) 
Naked- is a satin taupe basically- a real go to color :)
Sidecar- is a light goldish super shimmery brown with tiny specs of copper/gold and looks a lot like YDK by Urban Decay but just slightly lighter

Buck- is a matte medium brown color very good for a natural eye look an blending out dark colors :)

Half Baked- is bright coppery/gold color super frosty and with a slightly orange hue (also in the Sustainable Palette)
Smog- is a frosted bronzed color, super rich and almost metallic looking (also in the Ammo Palette)  
Darkhorse- is a slightly cooler burnt brown with tiny specs of gold -I love this one :)
Toasted-  is a shimmery toasted almond color with a pink tone super sexy

Hustle- is a dark brown color with a semi-shimmer and itty bitty specs of copper and gold
Creep- is a semi-shimmery charcoal grey with tiny bits of silver- a nice change from the usual oil slick by UD
Gunmetal- is a shimmery Dark Gray- when u think of a gun grey this is what you get- I love it it's like an artists pencil grey :)

So For my first tutorial with this palette I decided to do a Dramatic yet Ooh La La look-

Here are the products I used

1. Loreal Double Extend Lash Boosting Mascara in Blackest Black
2. Sonia Kashuk Eye Smudge Pencil in Blackest
3. Sonia Kashuk Full Glam lashes (4.95) My Favs 
4. Mac Paint Pot in Black ground 
5. Mac Paint Pot in Soft Ochre
and of course The Naked Palette by Urban Decay

You'll also need a 1.Shimmery/Frosty White/Cream Color eye shadow and a 2.Matte black (color shown below) 
(this one is from the Sephora Color Palette in 52 shades) 

Okay shall we begin :)

Step 1 Apply primer to the eye first soft ochre by MAC to the brow bone and then Blackground by MAC to the lid an blend the two colors around the crease area as shown below you will also be adding blackground to the lower lash line area and around the eye

Step 2 with flat brush that comes with Naked palette apply Shimmery white/Cream to brow bone, wipe off brush and add creep (from UD Naked palette) to upper lash line and lower lash line

Step 3 Now using your Mac 217 brush take DarkHorse from Naked palette and sweep that over the lid area just above creep and into crease area

Step 4 Take your Mac 217 brush wipe it off and grab Smog from Naked palette, apply this to the crease area and on the inner eye lid then slightly outward toward the brow bone but not over brow bone just enough to blend outward, you wanna keep that area light and white :)

Step 5 Add Black eye liner pencil around eye on both upper and lower lash lines and water lines Pretty thick on the upper lash line (shown below)

 Step 6 Using your smudge brush or a sponge tip applicator blend that black outward around eye (shown below)

Step 7  Take your Matte black shadow and go over the black pencil with it using a small fluffy brush (show below)

 Step 8  Curl eye lashes and then add mascara I used Loreal Double Extend Lash Boosting Mascara in Blackest Black
If you want to add Falsies (Recommended) You would do this now

And That complete's the ooh lala Eye ;)

 Lipstick: Sephora's Lip Attitude Star S15
Blush: Cargo's Blush Shimmer Bronzer in Sunset Beach
Eye Brows: Maybelline's Eye liner gel in Brown (used with angled brush)

 I def have to rate this Palette 5 Stars because the colors are super beautiful, Versatile and will be Soo Great to use in the summer time that's coming (OH NO I better work out!) Yikees haha