Friday, November 8, 2013

25 Makeup Questions TAG


1. Do you apply your foundation with a brush, sponge, or fingers? 
A brush, usually my MAC 187 with Revlon colorstay liquid foundation. Or a flat kabuki brush if I'm using a cream based foundation.

2. Do you apply your eye shadow from light to dark? or dark to light? 
Light to dark usually.

3. Do you prime your eyes? 
Yes, always! I switch off between Urban Decay Primer Potion and elf primer 

4. Concealer first, or after foundation?
I put my concealer on after my foundation, it tends to conceal a lot better that way.

5. Go for manicures, or do it yourself manicures?
I'm definitely a do it yourself kind of gal. I'm not gonna pay someone 20 to 30 dollars to do my nails or tosies when I can do it myself 

6. Exfoliate lips, face or both? 
Both, I exfoliate my face twice a week and lips every day.

7. On average, how long does it take you to do your makeup?
Depends if I'm in a hurry or if I can take my time. If I'm in a hurry, I'll just walk out of the house with no makeup on sometimes and just wear big ass sunglasses. but if I have time to do it then it takes me about 30 to 40 minutes

8. Do you wear makeup everyday and everywhere? 
Most times yes unless I'm just going for a walk or running to the grocery store then I don't really care.

9. What release are you most excited about? (Makeup wise)
Too faced- A few of my favorite things palette 

10. What's your weakness? 
Makeup duh lol jk but yeah def makeup, boots and scarves

11. Do you whiten your teeth?
Yes, definitely every other day lately. But usually just once or twice every week or two.

12. Wax eyebrows, or tweeze?
Tweeze, everyday- gotta keep em on point!

13. What do you use to contour? 
Elf bronzer, or blunt by MAC depending on how strong I want the contour to be and I blend it out with Milani bronzer

14. False lashes, or natural? 
Def falsies but natural when I'm pressed for time or just chillin

15. Favorite makeup brand?
Tarte, too faced, Urban decay, bh, loreal, elf....damn there's way too many to choose just one. I like so many different products from different lines. I won't just stick to one brand- Ever!

16. Liquid eyeliner, pencil or gel? 
All, I use gel on my upper lash line, pencil on my water line and liquid to sharpen my cat eye up.

17. Lipstick, lipgloss or chapstick? 
I put on chapstick before I put on my lipstick but I definitely say lipstick

18. Pigments, pressed or cream eyeshadow? 
I like them all but I use pressed eye shadow most. I usually use a cream base on the eyelid to help accentuate the color and shimmer of the shadow though depending on what color shadow I wear that day .

19. If you had to wear only one thing, excluding foundation; what would it be? Mascara

21. Favorite color combination? 
For this fall it would definitely be bronzed eyeshadow with a berry lip color

22. Natural? or Dramatic? (Eye Makeup) 
Dramatic, but not scary or over done lol

23. Do you care more for quality or name brand? 
Definitely quality you can find so many great products from the drugstore also.

24. Do you enjoy using face masks? If so which ones? 
Yes, I usually just make my own. One of my favorites is baking soda, cinnamon, sugar and honey as a scrub

25. What is your current addiction? (example: lipsticks, eyeshadows, earrings)
I would have to say concealer, lipstick, and moisturiser. I'm always down to try a new concealer, lipstick, or face product. Right now I'm loving the Tarte maracuja face oil 

♥xoxo Chelly

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