Monday, January 9, 2012

How to give an old t-shirt love again ♥

 What You'll Need:
Semi baggy t-shirt 

Step 1: Straighten out t-shirt
Step 2: Cut off collar just below hem line
Step 3: Cut shirt in half (about 5 inches below underarm)
Step 4: Now go around the rim of neck line again this time cutting off about an inch thick, Now starting from the neck line about 3 inches out cut a line from the shoulder to about 2 inches under the underarm- Now fold the shirt in half an cut following the already cut side of the shirt to ensure an even cut on both sides, It should look like the picture above afterwards, an 
Voila Your done- Now go sport your new tee! :) 
-I like to wear a tank top under mine :)