Saturday, February 4, 2012

$1 dollar Makeup Brush Holders

This tutorial is one that is super simple, budget friendly and super cute! Using anything from old jelly jars to empty cans to dollar store containers, you can create  some awesome makeup brush holders- 

Here's what you'll need 

A ruler to measure your cans
Decorative Paper (mine were 20 cents each at Hobby Lobby)
Glue and tape if your working with a container that doesn't hold the glue well
Container- Mine were 1$ each from the Dollar Tree
and Rice (optional)

Let's Begin :)

Measure The can from top to bottom and add 2 inches
So if your container is 5 inches then cut your paper at 7 inches

Draw a line from the 2 extra inches across paper horizontally  (this is the part that will fold over the top of can- Make sure to draw the line on plain side of paper so the line doesn't show)

Now cut about 1 inch lines from the outside of paper to the line (this will help the paper to fold over the edges of container without looking bulky or sloppy)

Add glue to paper using a brush to spread evenly (make sure to coat the edges very well)

Wrap paper around container, smoothing out any bumps along the way (be sure not to overlap paper on bottom of container, paper should sit flat to the surface)

If your container is bigger wider than your paper like mine, you will need to cut a strip the same length an add an extra 1/2 inch to be sure you cover the gap

Fold edges into container 

Add glue using brush, then fold over again- this will insure a nice/clean rim

Voila- Your done!

Now if your like me and don't like your brushes falling all over one another, you might want to fill your container with rice- I added 2 plastic bags before filling up the container so I didn't have to use so much rice.

 Here's one using an old Cetaphil container

If you like you can add a label :)

an this here^^ is My new Makeup Brush Holder set :) 

P.S If you bought the containers from the dollar store- Don't throw those lids out just yet- here's what I used mine for: 

Got any box-less lashes wandering around? I know I do- I used some scotch tape and un-stuck it a bit by sticking it to my arm an then taped it sticky side up to the lid- Yup it's that easy :) 

Or You can use the lid to organize all those tiny pigments that seem to just fall over or get lost in an ocean of cosmetics :)

I hope you all enjoyed this crafty tutorial- Please leave a Comment to show Your love- I would love to hear from you xOx0