Monday, May 30, 2011

Mac's Cream Blush in Posey an Something Special Swatches/Review

I recently bought Cream Blush by Mac in Something Special an I gotta say I love it! I think it gives the perfect peachy color for a nice healthy glow to summer skin :)it's a nice thick creamy consistency which blends beautifully with the skin.

I already had the Posey which I also like but the Posey is just a little more dull then I'd like my pink to be, though some may differ -but I tend to like my pinks- Pink an my peaches- Peachy LOL
both stay on for a long time an come in round 2 1/4 x 2 1/4 inch strong cute black cases <3 which is always a plus :) 
I bought mine from the Mac counter at Dillards for 18.50 each

I'm gonna give the cream blushes a 4 an a half hearts because of the price, but other than that I love em :D


angelica said...

I absolutely love any and all of MAC's cream blushes. They are so easy to blend and give a great dewey flushed look.

Chelly said...

True- I agree :), They have excellent natural coloring also <3 TY for commenting :)

Emily said...

Hey Chelly! Those are two very pretty beautiful blushes! :) were awarded the Leibster Blog award! YAY! lol Anyways... You can check it out here.. .


Chelly said...

Thank you Emily- I love them both also hehe ♥ cream blushes are awesome :) an TY so much for the award :D I feel shhhpecial :) I also replied on your page TY again :D