Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Maybelline Eye Studio Palette in Sapphire Siren Review

This Sapphire Siren Palette by Maybelline comes with 4 beautiful bold and nicely pigmented colors, ranging from silverish white, sea foam/medium blue, royal blue and sparkley black with tiny silver glitter for 6.98 at Walmart

Here are the swatches for this palette, as you can see they go on the color they appear which is always a plus

I used 4 different brushes for this look an Eye liner brush, fluffy brush and crease brush made by Tokidoki (35.00 for the set) these are my favs 

And a Blending brush made by Urban Decay 16.00 I love this one also 

Mac Paint pots in Soft Ochre and Blackground

Step by Step guide for application:

The above photo is a guide to show you wear you will be applying your primers, In case some of you don't use or know what a primer is for basically: You apply eye primer as a base before you put anything else on, like eyeshadow, liner, etc. because it helps to keep your eyeshadow and liner from running and smudging, and also helps to avoid eye shadows from caking in at your crease. I also use mine to add depth or bolder colors to my shadow, this is why I use blackground by MAC

Okay so you will first be applying a skin colored primer to your entire eye, from lash line to brow bone (I use Mac's paint pot in Soft Ochre 16.50) then I apply Blackground by MAC paint pot to my outer crease (the V) and partially my upper lash line an stopping at your mid eye (don't go all the way to the inner corner eye) using my Urban Decay blending brush

Now add the white eye shadow from Sapphire Siren palette using your fluffy brush shown above on all areas of eye lid and brow bone avoiding black area.

Now take your darkest color blue in palette and wash over the black areas of eye with crease brush.

Clean crease brush by rubbing it over a dry paper towel to get off any excess color then Take your lightest blue color with that same crease brush and in a windshield wiper motion blend blend blend lightest blue color between the dark blue and white colors breaking up any harsh lines (remember the more you blend the better it will look, but the higher up you go the more you will be bringing the dark colors upward, and you wanna keep that upper eye area, like the brow bone and inner eye area the lightest.

 After you are done with that, take your same crease brush, clean it off with the paper towel again and grab the black eye shadow and work that color into the corner V of your eye as shown above. don't go out of that corner V area

Now you'll want to add your eye liner (black) and just smudge that around the eye, you don't want it to be too thick because your shadows are already dark and you don't want it to look like over kill- same with your blush and lipstick >Keep them sheer and 
pinkish for best results.

 When you are done with your liner, take your black eye shadow, dip your eye liner brush in it and go over the tops of your eye liner with it, this will seal in the color, making it stay on all day and making the colors much bolder. Now don't forget to curl your eye lashes, this is a must- I don't care if you have long ass Giraffe eye lashes or if your working with tiny shrubs over there you must curl your lashes to get the best eye look you possibly can! I added false lashes to mine but you can keep yours natural if that's what you wish, either way this look is very fierce and will look great on almost anyone!

And this is your ending result- a lovely array of bold blue colors- So pretty and Wow-ish!!

I'm going to have to rate this palette a full 5 hearts and a ribbon= Because at 6.98 for 4 fabulous colors, with great pigmentation you can't really go wrong, Hey everyone loves a bargain but even more everyone loves to feel beautiful, I def think you'll enjoy this one 

Please leave a comment and tell me what you think of my post and detail, I'd love to hear from you!

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