Monday, June 6, 2011

Liebster Blog Award Featuring My 5 Hot Blogs Picks

A short definition about what the Liebster Blog
 Award is About :)

With that said the 5 Blogs that I chose to award (Though this was a tough decision) are:

Congratulations Ladies ♥ Please pass this on 

An a Special thanks to ♥ Emily with For giving me this Award-  Thank you girl, You made me feel shooo special ♥ hehe


Pinupcherrymakeup said...

Thank you so much Chelly! Keep up the good work, I'm loving your blog!


Chelly said...

Thank you Sweet Heart <3 I love ur blog to, keep them awesome posts coming! :D

Yamadipati said...

Thank you for this post, if it's alrght i'm going to use this description on my version of the award. From which i received from someone else :D

Chelly said...

No problem I'm glad u like it :)