Thursday, March 17, 2011

Broadway Nails Nail Dress Review

So I tried Broadways Nail Dress Stick on wraps for the first time the other day and wanted to give my thoughts on the product- I usually see the one's at Walmart or Walgreen's by Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail polish strips that are like 10 dollars a box and I never wanted to pay that much for some one time use nails- so when I seen these ones on clearance at Walgreen's for 2.19 I decided to give them a try- Now I'm not sure how well the Sally Hansen ones work so all I can really review is this particular brand but I must say they are Hmmmm okay- and here are my reasons

-They didn't cover my nails all the way
-They only lasted 3 days long and not the so called (10 days they claim) 
-They started peeling in chunks at the tips after only 2 days of wear
- They didn't seem to stick down all the way and I found myself having to hold my thumb over the nail with lots of pressure to get a good hold
- The wrap folded at the tips because the wrap didn't fit all the material toward the narrow ends
- Not many design options for this brand

- I didn't have to wait for my nails to dry
- There is no need to worry about making a big polish mess
- There is no -around the nail clean up afterward
- You can easily apply these with your left hand to your right hand 
- The design was cute
- I applied these while facebooking without having to worry about tapping my nails on the keyboard an them getting smudged : )
- You can polish the wrap in any design you want and then apply them to your nails afterwards
- No stinky polish smell, so it's safe to use around newborns and babies

Will I buy these again- Hmmm yeah but only if they are on clearance and only for a like spare of the moment time when I'm in the car and my boyfriend is driving and were headed to a party and my nails look like crud LOL or I'm gonna be having a Christmas party etc and I don't have time to sit and wait for my nails to dry in between multi tasking etc. Yeah that's probably when these bad boys would come in handy. 

Oh and I should mention that after I put on the wraps I didn't really care for the plane metallic metal design they came in, so I decided to polish a design on them and liked that looked Sooo much better then the original- Check it out

I would have to rate this particular brand and product a 2 1/2 hearts because their were just too many little problems during and after with the nails with peeling, fitting, and the lasting wear etc.

If you have tried this product out please leave me your take on it and Whether or Not you would consider buying them again.
And what product similar to this one you've tried and liked much better- 
Thank you for your feedback Glammi Girls <3

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