Thursday, March 17, 2011

Scunci No Slip Grip Hair Bands Review

While on one of my quick runs into Walgreen's I began having one of my Regular "I Need to by Something-Anything!" Moments LOL an came across these hair bands- They are from the brand Scunci and are No Slip Grip Head Bands, they come with 4 head bands, 3 are translucent- the blue, pink and green but the black one is not. I found these bands on clearance for 1.19 and wanted to give them a try because I'm always having trouble with my head bands staying on my head and not sliding up (that looks ridiculous) so after wearing these ones-
Here are my thoughts:

- Came in 4 great colors
- Did not slip
- Are great for when your doing your makeup, jogging etc.
- Are soft yet just sticky enough to hold
- Great Price
- Can be used as a beret also

- They are a little big so they didn't hold that tightly on my head (I dunno if my head is just small or what?) LOL

I should mention that I noticed these hold much better (for me) when I had a little hairspray in my hair just to cut some sleekness off of the strands giving the grip a much better hold, They also hold better when your hair is down because your hair can help assist them from sliding up in the back.

*I rated these 4 hearts, because they didn't fit tightly around my head

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