Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Purple and Silver- The WOW eye : )

Here are some of the products I used to create this look

Urban Decay Sustainable Shadow Box

Wet n Wild Idol Eyes Cream shadow pencil in Techno 

Mac Paint Pots in Soft Ochre, Rubenesque and Blackground

And for the tools I used the basic 3 eye brushes: Crease Brush, Eye Liner Brush, Blending brush, and a Flat brush

and of course your basic eye essentials 

Black Eyeliner Gel by Loreal Hip 

And Stiletto Mascara in Blackest Black

Okay let's start with- 
Adding primer from crease to brow bone with Soft Ochre, and adding primer from inner eye lid to crease an center of eyelid with Rubenesque, and then adding primer in Blackground using urban decay's blending brush in the V of eye area 
picture shown below for example-

Now take Flash (Reflective Deep Bright Purple) from The Urban Decay Sustainable palette use your Flat brush and Pat Pat Pat color over Blackground (black Primer) -Do not swipe color over because we want this color to go on bold- until all the black primer is purple -avoiding other lighter areas of eye

Take your Crease brush and blend the end purple shadow with UZI until Smokey looking- Don't blend too far up- you want to keep that brow bone bright and sparkley

Now fill in the V area of eye again but this time using Wet n Wilds Idol Eyes Cream Shadow Pencil in Techno (Iridescent purple)then take Flash from Urban Decay's palette again and pat with flat brush over v-area- and coat the lower lash line area with Techno pencil and pat with flat brush the color Flash again.
This just creates a Bold purple color that reflects beautifully in the light and in the dark- Very cool- this is the Woww factor :)

Now  It's time for liner- using Loreal's black gel eye liner I traced the top of the eye lid not thick but not thin and winged the tip out just slightly- Don't wing this out too far- the tip should not go out further than your eyelashes do.
Then using Oil Slick (Black) from Urban Decay's eye Palette go over gel liner with black shadow- to add extra hold and to liven up that black eyeliner

- Now curl eyelashes and Add Mascara in stiletto  maybe 4-5 coats and you should be good to go- If your a little confused on what color lipstick and blush you should wear with such a bold eye shadow color- I paired mine with soft pink lips and bright pink blush (well blended of course)

And here is your end result- A hip, beautiful and funky purple eye that is sure to impress even the mellowest of people : D

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial- Please Comment- I'd love to hear your Thoughts and input :) Have a Great day Glammies <3


Anonymous said...

Beautifully Done

CC said...

hot stuff

Chelly said...

Thank you my Love : ) as are u! : D

JERR said...

looks great! oh and its not actually my post i was reposting it for the contest! just click on the title and it will take u to the post! :)

Chelly said...

Thank you Jerr :) Ok, lol ok I'll do that :D