Friday, March 18, 2011

Hard Candy Matte Polish Review

I'm reviewing about the Matte Polish from Hard Candy- I must admit I had never even thought about trying matte polish before and had never even heard of it till around 2 months ago when I came across it at Walmart (5.00 for the bottle) and pretty much just bought it outta curiosity, To see if it really worked and if it could really turn my nail polish matte. I tried it first the day I had bought it and I think I was wearing some medium blue polish then, but honestly I didn't like it- I kept looking at my nails and thinking they looked dull and wanted to coat them with a gloss the whole time haha, So I put it away and didn't bother using it again till I came across it online and decided to give it another try. So I went an bought 2 polishes I thought might actually look good matte. And those 2 polishes were WetnWild's- The Yellow Wonders (1.99) and Sinful Colors Professionals in- Savage (1.99)- (I have not tried Savage with the matte yet) but I did try the WetnWild polish in The Yellow Wonder's with Hard Candy's Matte Polish and here is the Before and After pictures- I'll let you decide if you like it or not.

After trying it again I have changed my mind- I actually really Love the matte polish it just really depends on the color polish you put it over- Think to yourself before you apply, or just try it over one nail to see if it's the look your going for with that particular color. Now I'm excited to try the matte over my Savage color polish, and shall be posting pics of that soon. I should warn you again> that Matte polish Does Not look great on every color polish so be sure you know what look you are going for before you apply over your freshly polished nails : D

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